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Chef Shoes Australia

While probably one of the least stylish items in your uniform, having the right pair of shoes is paramount. They serve a variety of protective functions in the kitchen, stopping slips from the general mess of food service, oil and hot liquid spills, dropped knives and heavy pots, cuts and scratches, and more. Having mentioned that they are not so stylish, however, doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore hanging out at the bottom of your perfectly curated and highly functional hospitality outfit. Not at Ace Chef Apparels at least! 

Just as we have done for all our other garments – aprons to hats, pants to accessories – we make sure that we design and curate our hospitality gear to cross over aesthetics and functionality perfectly. They are comfortable to wear for those long hours front of house or deep in the kitchen, protective in terms of their material, kind on the eyes and on the wallet too, with sales throughout the year meaning that you can snag your perfect pair whenever you need them. 

We have some of the best mens and womens, non-slip/slip resistant chef shoes on the market, also boasting a variety of styles that can fit you and the hospo business you love. We’ve got steel capped boots for that extra level of protection, comfortable Birkenstock slip ons and clogs, smooth leather shoes, and even jogger-style shoes that suit workers constantly on the go. 

Come in to our Eumemmerring/Hallum showroom today, or shop online to get access to the wide range of chef shoes we have on offer. Whether you know exactly what you need or are curious to explore the chef wear possibilities, we’re here to help fit you out with your ideal products at the best price. Ace Chef Apparels is your one stop shop for all things hospitality garments, so shop with confidence today!

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