F Dick knife Steel Multicut, Fine & Regular Cut Flat Steel 11" 7 6504 28

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The most popular steel in the f dick range. Use strong pressure whilst using this steel for sharpening and light pressure for honing. Suitable for chefs and butchers.
F Dick is the leading steel manufacturer in the world, each steel made adheres to strict production standards before being passed fit for sale.


  • Steel has an 11"/28cm flat multi-cut rod.
  • Perfectly balanced for steel of its size.
  • Light & Compact(doesn't feel like an anchor hanging from your pouch).
  • Nearly 150 years' worth of engineering nous has been implemented into this one steel.
  • Ideal for the chef, hunter, butcher, farmer, or anyone who needs to keep their knives sharp. Quality German-made steel that won't disappoint.

Did you know 80% of our customers who purchase chef uniforms and especially those who get a complete variety and a mix of white chef jackets , black chef jackets ,grey chef aprons or traditional striped chef aprons do not seperate or reverse wash their chef or front of house uniforms ? Are you the 20% ? Then skip, otherwise, keep reading on. We learn something new everyday !

These following steps will ensure that your chef and hospitality uniforms look new wash after wash just the same way you had orginally purchased it 

  1. Seperate your whites and dark colours before putting them in the wash cycle 
  2. Reverse wash your chef jackets , chef pants , work shirts and work pants 
  3. Soak your whites in NON-CHLORINE bleach for atleast an hour or two hours 
  4. Do not bleach dark colours as they may lose their colour 
  5. Use washing detergent and fabric contitioner so your chef uniforms smell great after they are washed
  6. Wash your uniforms in warm water 
  7. Ensure that the uniforms are reversed and always use low tumble dryer settings to dry your chef or work clothes or drip dry in shade 
  8. using a steam iron to iron your uniforms is highly recommended so they look crisp and sharp when you're ready to start your day