Kai Seki Magoroku 220-Grit Whetstone AP0328

$45.00 USD $68.00


New Kai Seki Magoroku 220-Grit Whetstone AP0328

These high quality whetstones are made in Japan and are suitable for high spec knife maintenance.

The whetstones come with a multifunctional base and storage case:

  • The top of the case can be used to soak the whetstone in water before sharpening. The fill line inside the case helps to guide the user.
  • The base is ribbed to keep the whetstone in place during sharpening. It has space to fill it with water to wet the whetstone when it is dry.
  • The underside of the base has a non-slip coating on two sides. This prevents the base from moving during sharpening.


  • Rough whetstone to remove large chips or fix the blade shape significantly
  • Can be used to remove rust
  • Multifunction base and storage case
  • Made in Japan
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